Golzari Holdings a privately held company, founded in 1957, the company has cemented its position as a producer and investor. Our strategic emphasis is on identifying optimal opportunities to invest in and establish our footmark internationally. Investments include Energy, Manufacturing, Technology, Automotive and Broadcasting. Golzari Holdings sees great worth in specialist investment interests. The Company’s strong partnerships and reputation consistently results in increase in sales and investments.


Our Mission is to be a leader in the services we provide while maintaining the ‘family’ approach that is the foundation of our company and building long-term relationship with our customers and partners.


GH's investment strategy is founded on core investment principles:

  • Investment in high performance and leading brands
  • Long-term investment approach
  • Extract value from underperforming assets
  • Focus on core growth and value-added industry sectors
  • Network of contacts


We are relentless when it comes to reaching our goals. Reaching Higher requires that we raise the bar on our performance by strategically and effectively utilizing and valuing our partners. To understand our clients needs, recognize demographic shifts and strategically align business resources to adapt to the shifts.