Golzari Holdings emerges from a firm foundation of 25 years of excellence in trading of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil and Industrial & Utility supplies. GH has developed a reputation for operating as a solid, independent regional trader, marketer and supplier of petroleum products to customers located throughout the CIS, Europe, North & South America, Central Asia and the Middle East. Our main concentration lye's in the export of Curde and Gas Oil from CIS and Middle Eastern countries to the European and Far Eastern markets. The growth of this business within the provinces mentioned has been extraordinary. As a company, we are naturally quite proud of our reputation and record in the industry. There are several excellent reasons why our customers remain satisfied with our performance, and time after time trust us with their fuel requirements.

Pricing for our products is often the final factor that determines how a customer will place his stem. As a marketer of these products. GH is of course sensitive to market fluctuation and the dynamics of the marketplace on a daily basis and more frequently if required. Domestic and international pricing levels are reviewed to ensure that our prices are consistently responsible, fair and competitive. Our customers appreciate our attentiveness to this detail.